Tips for Traveling with Children

Tips for Traveling with Children

Do you plan on traveling for the holidays? While we love them with all our heart, traveling with children can be challenging! Sticking a phone in their hand is just the beginning!  Whether you are hopping in the car or plane, here are a few tips to make your travel experience with kids a bit smoother.

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Leave Early

Giving yourself extra time will put less stress on you to get to your destination on time and give your child time to explore and make those extra bathroom breaks. Preschoolers love to explore, so if you are at the airport or making a pit stop, that extra time will help you stay calm with things take a bit more time than normal.


Use a Child Locator

While many parents feel more comfortable using backpacks with a leash, most toddlers are not fans.  Child locators are available for a reasonable price and allow you to keep tabs on your child at all times.  Child locators are typically a small unit that a child wears strapped on you a belt or shoe. If you child runs off an alarm will sound and you will be able to locate them immediately.


Have Family Trip Games Handy

While iPhones are an easy hands-off alternative, why not try and get the whole family involved?  Try playing “I Spy”, where you give your family something to look for along the way.  For example, saying “I spy something red” as soon as someone sees it they win!  ‘I’m going on a picnic’ is also a great one, you start off by saying “I am going on a picnic and I am bringing…” Then you start with ‘A’ and go through the alphabet and list of things that begin with the letter.


Travel Journal

Have your kids keep a travel journal.  While preschools would not be expected to write chapters, they can draw their experiences.   Have them try new foods and then draw what happened on the trip.  This will limit their screen time and help develop their artistic capabilities.  


Involve them in the Planning

From your preschooler to your high schooler, let them give their input as to where you should stop or what sites to visit on the vacation.  This will keep them engaged in the trip and help occupy their time while on the road or in the air  This is an easy way to get them excited for the trip.


Bring a Stroller

You never know when or where your child might fall asleep.  While it might be an extra thing to lug around, if you child falls asleep you will have to carry their dead weight for as long and as far as needed.  The stroller with help you and your child along the way for those


Have Fun!

As crazy as it might be, nothing can replace the family time together.  20 years from now you will only recall the good times you had on the trip and even the crazy times will be the best to laugh at.  

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