The Story of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

But before we focus on turkey, games, shopping, and other fun activities, we should learn about the story of Thanksgiving.

Here, we found a short article from that you can share with your kids.

Back in the early 1600s, a group of people in England wanted to worship God in their own way.  However, the King wanted to control everyone.  He controlled the Church of England and requested everyone to the same type of church.  Otherwise, people would be arrested.

The group of people did not want to follow the rule. They wanted to free the Church of England.  This group of people was called “the Puritans” because they wanted to purify their faith.  Around 100 men, women, and children left their homeland.

They arrived Plymouth on December 11, 1620 after a six-week long journey.  The Pilgrims tried to survive the long winter.  Fortunately, the Native Americans from Plymouth gave them seeds and food; educated them with the new skills and knowledge to settle in their new home.

The Pilgrims survived their first year in Plymouth.  They had a good harvest with the help from the Native Americans.  The Pilgrims held a feast.  They invited all the Native Americans to join the feast that was three-day long.  This harvest feast in 1621 is often referred as the “first Thanksgiving.”


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