Thanksgiving treats to make with your preschooler

The holidays are about family, what better way to spend time with your kiddos than making delicious thanksgiving treats!  Cooking with your kids can help them develop essential skills such as following direction and fine motor skills.  Cooking can also help kids learn the basics of math and science.  Kids learn by touching, tasting, seeing, feeling and listening. Cooking is advantageous because it incorporates all senses and results in a tasty treat!  The holidays are a perfect opportunity to spend some time in the kitchen with your kids.  Here are some great ideas for some easy holiday treats to make for a special occasion or just because.

Turkey Hand Cookies

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They are delicious to eat but good enough to display! This easy treat will allow your child to get creative and play with colorful candies to create the turkey feathers. You can also personalize each turkey so your child has something to be proud of and call their own.

No Bake Peanut Acorns

cookies, treats, thanksgiving, kids

This is a great treat to make with younger kids who are not quite old enough to use an oven.   These are fast and fun to make, not to mention delicious! Please make sure to keep these goodies at home because some kids at Calvary Christian Preschool have peanut allergies!

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkin

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A twist on a classic family treat! This easy recipe only requires a handful of ingredients but makes a big impact.  Just make sure to have a wet paper towel on hand because marshmallow + kiddos = sticky hands!

Candy Corn Treats

treat, candy, corn, thanksgiving

Maybe divide your Rice Krispie treat mix in half and make candy corn! Another easy and delicious way bond in the kitchen.

Pilgrim Hats

cookies, thanksgiving, kids, treats

Maybe have a quick lesson about the first thanksgiving while making yummy pilgrim hat cookies.  Learning can be fun!

Turkey Legs

treats, turkey, kids, thanksgiving

Can’t wait for thanksgiving dinner? Try making some chocolate covered turkey legs with your kids! Yes, another Rice Krispie treat based recipe, but they are so easy and tasty!

Turkey Snack

turkey, treats, kids

One healthy one, for the books! You don’t have to sacrifice nutrients for cuteness.

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