Taking a Family Vacation? Read This!

Have you recently considered going on a family vacation with your kids “just because?” A recent article suggests that going on a vacation with the kiddos not only strengthens your relationships, but also may help your child’s brain development! How can that happen you ask? Check out what this source has to say:

“Travelling with your kids can also be beneficial to their brain development. “An enriched environment offers new experiences that are strong in combined social, physical, cognitive, and sensory interaction,” says child psychotherapist Dr. Margot Sunderland.

These experiences then turn on the genetic expression of key brain fertilizers in the frontal lobes, Dr. Sunderland explains, enhancing executive functions like stress regulation, attention, concentration, good planning, and the ability to learn, and also improving physical and mental health. “The brain fertilizers triggered in enriched environments are also associated with higher IQ in children,” she said. “So, spend time exploring together in a new space, and you’re making your child smarter.”

In addition, family vacations can act as “happiness anchors.” According to 2015 research conducted by the Family Holiday Association out of Britain, the happiest memory of 49 percent of those surveyed was on vacation with family.

“Reflecting on our happiest memories of joyful time spent together as a family can be extremely powerful in bringing relief and respite when faced with the darker times that life can bring,” John McDonald, director of the Family Holiday Association, told the Huffington Post. “By using these memories as an anchor to take us back to more cheerful moments, we’re often able to approach problems with a fresh sense of perspective.”

Guess you better book that holiday family vacation after all! Merry Christmas Everyone!


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