Quick and healthy snacks for Kids

snacks for kids, easy, healthy

In just minutes, you can prepare the following nutritious snacks for your kids. These snacks offer a broad variety of food which will help your kid get the vitamins and minerals they need.

Here are a few quick, easy, and healthy snack suggestions:

Fresh fruit. Nothing’s better than fresh fruit: It’s colorful, sweet and juicy, packed with vitamins and minerals, and full of fiber. Serve sliced apple, orange sections, half a sliced banana, or a small bowl of sliced grapes, or give your child a handful of mixed berries.

Dried and pureed fruit. Cut up dried apricots, peaches, pears, and pitted prunes, or serve a small bowl of applesauce (the kind without added sugar).

Cottage cheese. Serve in a small bowl topped with chopped fresh fruit, or mix in peas and carrots to make confetti cottage cheese.

Eggs. Scrambled eggs take just a few minutes. Try adding turkey and cheese, or mix in salsa and wrap in a tortilla for a burrito.

Mini quesadilla. Sprinkle half a small corn tortilla with a tablespoon of shredded cheese and microwave for 20 seconds. Fold in half and cut into small pieces.

Vegetables. Get your toddler in the habit of snacking on vegetables. Fresh veggies like cooked, chopped carrots or green beans, roasted kale, and steamed broccoli or cauliflower are nutritious treats.

Frozen fruit bars. The best of these frozen treats contain chunks of real fruit. You can buy them in the store or make them yourself with 100 percent juice and chopped fresh fruit, or by freezing a smoothie.

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