Celebrate Veterans Day with your Kids


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It’s important for our children to honor and appreciate what others have done for all of us and to understand some of the sacrifices that each person makes during wartime.  So today, we’re sharing some great resources for introducing kids of all ages to the topic of wartime and service to your country.

Give a History Lesson

Tell your children about the different wars in our country’s history. You don’t have to go into detail — a simple history lesson will suffice. If your child shows an interest in history, then talk about how the holiday originated.

Attend a parade. Find a local parade in your newspaper or online. Make it a point to meet some of the veterans afterward and let your children interact with them.

Say thank you. Have your children draw a picture or write a thank you note to give to a veteran. This simple gesture lets our veterans know that their service is not forgotten and still appreciated.

Do Something for Others. One way to honor those who served is to dedicate some time to doing something good in the world. Help your little ones with a coffee or hot cocoa stand or help them bake goods for a bake sale. Or, in lieu of money, donate time.

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